Meet Knowledge City – Your Business Skills Resource

Update 7/20/2023

We've switched to using LinkedIn Learning for our online training and development resources, as it offers a more comprehensive and personalized learning experience with a wider range of courses.

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Knowledge City is a learning platform for skills used in everyday business practice. Use your KPL library card to access Knowledge City’s online learning platform and start adding new skills to your resume. 

Customize your experience by choosing your own skill path. With over 20,000 videos, experienced professors and proficiency exams, Knowledge City is accessible to all learning styles and levels. Check out the various categories and skill courses below.

Business Courses
Management, Communication Skills, Soft Skills

Computer Courses
Microsoft 365, Adobe Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Operating Systems

Safety Courses
Workplace Physical, Social Safety, Industrial Physical Safety

Compliance Courses
Global Compliance Essentials, Government, Legal and Ethics Training

Finance Courses
Regulatory and Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Accounting Principles

To access the Knowledge City courses, you just need your library card. Go to