The Great Sunflower Project Contest Winners Announced

A profound ‘Thank You’ goes out to all who helped KPL make The Great Sunflower Project a success in Kenosha. During the months of May and June, we gave out nearly 600 packages of pollinator-friendly seeds to plant in our community. There is still time to observe your blooms and report stationary count data to the Great Sunflower Project data science program.  


Loss of habitat seriously threatens our native pollinators, including our very own endangered Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee. So even a little backyard garden or native flower bed can serve as a much-needed oasis in an otherwise barren landscape.


We are delighted to announce the winners in the four categories of the growing contest. Thank you to all patrons who submitted a photo entry.


Category 1- Tallest Sunflower: 10’ 2” or 122 inches by Ethan L

Category 2- Largest Head:  10 inches by Cole W

Category 3- Most Blooms:  62 by Milo W 

Category 4- Art/Craft made from a sunflower

Artist: Rosie Z (10 years old)

Title: SunLion

Medium: Real sunflowers (petals, stems, leaves), paper and tape

Description: I thought I could make a lion because the flower looked like a mane, and it just kinda suited the idea.