Celebrate the Extraordinary Women in Your Life

Pledge today to include her name on the wall of the new children's library.

As we approach Mother's Day, it's natural to think about the women who have significantly impacted us. Whether it's a mother, grandmother, aunt, or daughter, we all have someone who has shaped us into who we are today. It isn't uncommon for our first exposure to the magic of books to occur in the laps of our mothers, their warm voices seemingly on a never-ending loop turning the pages of our favorite story for the fiftieth time. These phenomenal women are the ones who first introduce us to the boundless world around us. Whether they be teachers, mentors, neighbors, or friends - women continue to teach us about the tremendous possibilities in the world around us and the world inside us. They nurture our curiosity, ease our fears, and build our confidence. What better way to honor these extraordinary women than donating to the KPL Kids at Uptown Library in their name?
The Kenosha Public Library Foundation is working with the 100 Extraordinary Women campaign to make honoring the remarkable women in your life simple. Your pledge of $1,000, which can be donated over five years, allows you to place the name of an extraordinary woman in your life on the donor wall. This donor wall will be a constant reminder to all the children of Kenosha that they are growing up in a community full of people who believe in their unlimited potential. It will serve as a promise that Kenosha thinks that a child's job is to play and that our community's job is to create safe, sustainable places for children to learn, grow, and explore. Your gift not only recognizes the incredible women in your life, but it also brings us one step closer to providing all the children of Kenosha with an educational, highly engaging, and exciting space for them and their families to grow together.
Pledge forms can be downloaded here and mailed to the Kenosha Public Library Foundation at 7979 39th Avenue. Online donations can be made at the 100 Extraordinary Women website at mykpl.info/100ew. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Kenosha Public Library Foundation Liasion, Brandi Cummings, at bcummings@mykpl.info or 252-564-6113.
Be sure to return your pledge before June 20, 2023, to receive an invitation to the 100 Extraordinary Women celebration on June 28, 2023.