Books For Crying In The Corner

Sometimes, whether on purpose or not, we read a book and devolve into a bubbling mess of snot and tears while cuddling a dog or cat that has no idea what’s going on. Frankly, some of us are masochists and purposefully find books that will do that to us. 

I may be speaking from experience. 

Still, here I am trying to make it easier for you to find a good book to read that’ll make your friends and loved ones question your sanity and motivate you to wash that pillow covering. It’s wet and full of tears now. You’re welcome. 

Light spoilers ahead, but nothing that ruins the book. 

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

I did not go into this book thinking I would have to put it down mid way through and scream in anguish. A Monster Calls is a different kind of Coming of Age novel where a young boy, Conor, is forcibly taught one of life’s hardest lessons by the Monster. The Monster whispers in his ear, distorts his surroundings, and toys with Conor’s thoughts and feelings. 

This is one of the books where, unfortunately, you’ll know how it ends far before it’s over. And that makes the latter portions of the book that much more devastating. If you have read this years ago as a young adult or kid, it’s time to read it again for a completely different experience.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro 

This book has so much hope in it. The characters are incredibly resilient, dynamic, and motivated as they discover who they are, what their art is, and how to fall in love. And none of it will stop the inevitable purposes of their lives. 

Sometimes we try our best. Sometimes we do everything right. And sometimes, we are destined to fail. But we tried, right?

Marley & Me - John Grogan

I may not be old and wise yet, but I feel like I’ve gained some wisdom and some strong knowledge of what does and does not ruin my entire week. I have a few simple rules when it comes to books. One of them is the following: If the dog dies, I don’t read it. I don't watch it. I don’t listen to it, no, no, no.

I was young and I was a fool. 

Dogs, unfortunately, die. But the life they have with us is a grand journey. Marley and Me is about that journey but with the world’s worst behaving dog and the humans that love him anyway. It’s a comedic memoir, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating when the life of a furry friend comes to an end. 

They Both Die at the End - Adam Silvera

They most definitely do both die at the end. This book does such a great job of creating dynamic, interesting characters. Rufus and Mateo personalities and dialogue are beautifully written. They feed off each other beautifully throughout the whole book. Then, just as the characters feel whole again, Adam Silvera makes the title reality. He knows exactly what he did, and he’s smug about it. 

This book asks the question: What would you do if you knew you had less than 24 hours to live? This book only gives a slice of what both characters decide, but it was enough to tear me to pieces. 

The Boy With A Bird in His Chest - Emme Lund

I’ve never been sure how I feel about this book. This book left me as a different kind of mess than all the others. It left me….empty. Perhaps it’s because I can relate to a boy who was quite literally born with a bird in his chest (her name is Gale). Perhaps it’s because it’s a love letter to anyone who’s felt anxiety ooze through their pores. Perhaps it's because the book broke my heart even while it has a happy ending. Perhaps it’s all of these. 

This book left me reflective and without focus. While I didn’t look like a lone soggy spaghetti noodle after reading, I did have the same look in my eye as a dog staring at their empty food bowl feeling betrayed and wondering where it all went. The dog just ate it, but still has every right to feel upset about it. 


I sincerely hope you’re doing ok, but that you know it’s ok to not be ok. Tears are like warm, salty hugs for our faces. Let's shed many.