KPL Walking Club 2024


We've partnered up with the Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund and Hawthorn Hollow to provide you with 2 new series of walks!
Visit the links below for more information.

Night Hikes at Hawthorn Hollow
May 8th @ 7:00 PM

Native Plant Walks for Beginners, opens a new window
May 15th @ 5:30 PM


May 28th @ 8:30 AM: Library Park
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Meet by front entrance of Simmons Library

Walk takes us through Library Park, Eichelman Park, & Wolfenbüttel Park

Walk will end behind Simmons library next to parking lot

Route Maps

Flat Terrain/Wheelchair accessible.

Duration: 25:02 minutes

Distance: 1.15 miles

Steps: 2,828

Calories Burned: 118


June 25th @ 8:30 AM: Poerio Park West
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● Walk is at Poerio Park West located behind Bose Elementary (NOT Sam Poerio Park)

Meet in front of the playground at the park entrance

Ends back at the parking lot entrance

Route Maps

Mostly Flat Terrain, includes one steep decline and incline/Not wheelchair accessible due to gravel paths.

Duration: 28:22 minutes

Distance: 1.18 miles

Steps: 3,180

Calories Burned: 145


Tuesday, July 23rd @ 8:30 AM: Navy Memorial Park
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Meet in front of the torpedo, across the street from Navy Memorial Park

Walk takes us through the Promenade/Art Walk, & Harbor Park

End back in front of the torpedo.

Route Maps

Flat Terrain/Wheelchair accessible.

Duration: 29:18 minutes

Distance: 1.32 miles

Steps: 3,284

Calories Burned: 131


August 27th @ 8:30 AM: Lincoln Park
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Meet in front of the Oribiletti Center

Walk takes us over bridges but is mostly flat on paved sidewalks, it does include some stairs at the end of the walk.

Ends in back of the Oribiletti Center

Route Maps

Mostly flat terrain, does include inclines and stairs, not wheelchair accessible.

Duration: 24:30 minutes

Distance: 1.1 miles

Steps: 2,798

Calories Burned: 133

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